Devon and Cornwall is open for business, but closed for crime, say Police

Devon & Cornwall Police is launching its seasonal campaign, called ‘Safer Christmas’. They want to remind people of the simple safety measures they can take to ensure they don’t become a victim of crime.

Joe Champness, the crime prevention lead for the Force said  “this is one of the busiest times of year for shoppers and retailers and there are simple prevention measures people can take to make it harder for thieves. We are urging retailers to think carefully about where they place their most valuable stock; to keep it away from doors and window displays and to place it where staff can best keep an eye on it. We are urging shoppers to be vigilant to people who may want to steal their wallets and other valuables from their bags, so keep them closed at all times, especially in crowds.”

The Force is also giving out helpful advice to shoppers when parking their vehicles, as people will often leave purchased gifts on display, making their vehicle an easy target for opportune thieves. “We are reminding drivers that when parking their vehicle to choose a well-lit spot, ensure their vehicle is locked and never leave any valuables or gifts on display.”

Officers will be out and about in the run up to Christmas, and where possible, will attend late night shopping events and Christmas markets. They are working closely with Community Safety partners to identify prolific shoplifters and theft hotspots. “Anyone who is caught shoplifting, breaking into vehicles, or handling stolen goods can expect to be dealt with by local officers They may face a lifetime ban, prosecution, as well as get themselves a criminal record” added Champness.

“By working together, we can help reduce the cost and blight of theft on our communities. We want to send a clear message that Devon and Cornwall is open for business, but closed for crime.”

For more information and to view the campaign posters visit:

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