Gavin Marshall

Gavin Marshall was born and bred in Devon and has lived here for all but two years of his life, when his radio career took him away for a short while.

He grew up fascinated by local radio, listening to the likes of Chris Dinnis.  By age 14 he joined Hospital Radio, then periods with Devon Air, BBC Radio Devon, Plymouth Sound, and Gemini Radio, which he went on to run.

After moving to run Red Dragon in Cardiff, Gavin and his family returned to Devon in 2008, where he was the boss of Plymouth Pavilions for 10 years. He personally booked all of the shows that came to Devon - well over 3,000.

Away from radio, and of course music, Gavin loves Formula One and tries to take his son to at least one race a year.

Gavin was pleased to hear of the launch of DevonAiR Gold and is privileged to be once again working with an amazingly talented of local radio presenters.