Gary Champion

Gary Champion is no stranger to a radio studio from the early days of commercial radio to BBC local radio. 

In the last 30 years Gary has worked a great deal in television, 10 years at, then Sky, ITN, and TSW where he worked alongside the former Devonair News Editor Pete Barraclough on sport.

Gary worked on Radio Plymouth from its launch as the Saturday Afternoon Sports Presenter. In fact, Gary has covered just about every major sporting event from World Cups to the Olympics, and the Crown Jewels of UK sport from Wimbledon to horse racing, Six Nations Rugby, and Golf’s Open. 

Away from sport, he’s produced red carpet programmes, worked on BAFTA’s Film & TV Awards and co-ordinated the BBC’s coverage of 4 General Elections, and was heavily involved leading a team of 86 people on HM Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Gary says, “Radio is where my heart is. TV leaves nothing to the imagination, whereas with radio you’re the artist helping paint the image in the eyes of the listener, and it’s immediate, happening now, love the live radio studio buzz.” 

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